is a small family business, and arises  from a passion for exotic fruits, we are located in the district of Velez-Malaga, Spain, privileged place for its subtropical climate and suitable for growing tropical fruits, we have a plot of 20,000 meters for testing and adaptation of new varieties and species of fruit trees from around the world, we can attest as fruit trees such as longan, Inga edulis, Jackfruit, canistel, Lucuma, soursop and many more. Are able to thrive and to crops in Spain without much trouble, yes, knowing choose the best varieties for our climate conducive success can be guaranteed. Except some fruit that is not necessary, most species are grafted or air layering and thus enter into production faster and also it ensures the variety of tree.We are constantly innovating our catalog of products to meet the level of demand from our customers. We hope that our site is to your liking.