Terms and conditions of use

In Frutalestropicales.com guarantee the quality and health of our trees, these being treated regularly against pathogens and diseases to provide the highest quality, but must also understand that when dealing with sensitive beings cannot guarantee a death or impairment than due to an incident in transportation, which must be resolved within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment, attaching photos of possible damage to pedidos@frutalestropicales.com  also our contact form allow this feature reporting damage can choose from there the order number and attach pictures. Note that no carrier enables secure shipments of living things such as plants, that does not mean that in a stroke or obvious abuse case may claim.
Our trees are normally shipped tubular 6.5L pots or bags of similar capacity and usually have an average height of 1m depending on variety although this may vary, please contact us before you place an order on the current height and type of container products of interest, otherwise know we always deliver the most developed exemplary moment. The photos of the products are for example which does not mean they are exactly the same shape or size than shown. We cannot accept returns of trees because being alive and sensitive beings, the stress of new shipping that would be subject would seriously jeopardize the status of your life. A plant or tree with withered leaves for a period of several days transport not mean he's dead, you can simply re-hydrate it on site partial shade warm and humid but not overheated and was finally recovered with a reissue of leaves.
In Frutalestropicales.com we reserve the right to cancel an order for different reasons: price typo, error in the calculation of shipping by the automatic online store, difficulty of the delivery zone (e.g. some islands), stock error etc., in any case before any of these drawbacks return the full amount received in the event that you have paid in advance, by the same route that was done the payment was made.
The product prices are including taxes, if you are a company and out of Spain should contact us to implement and realize the correct invoice for the Intrastat register.
Please if you are not totally agree with our terms of sale refrain to implement and finalize an order. We just want to have customers 100% satisfied with our services and products, and we do our best in this endeavor.