-  Q. Do you have a place to see products cater arranged visits?

-  A. Sorry, but we have focused sales only online for now, we not have a Garden, not a place visits enabled only production facilities and packaging, and are withdrawn from the town. Therefore we can not take care visits.

-  Q. How big are the plants?

-  A. The size of the trees and plants vary for each species or variety, reference say that our trees grafted mango and a large majority of species are offered for sale to be about 1m high, always sending the most advanced of every moment, we have a category of small trees that are not within this length as is evident if you have questions about this beforehand consult the order.

-  Q. I can not make an order I find the shopping cart

-  A. At certain times of the year the online store can be off the web being in "catalog" mode at the moment is not possible to order because we are closed and not ship this situation always be clearly alerted to the homepage.

-  Q. Can I collect my order in Vélez-Málaga to save the shipping costs?

-  A. At no problem, this is possible if previously agreed day and time for it to us, we will let your plants or trees in our office provided their number and volume allow us this.